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Gordon's talent in the visual arts has been commented on since his early childhood years. He has retained sketches of that period which show a creative apptitude and skill beyond his years. Not for him was the conventional route to hone his talents via art school. His family's finances did not extend to further education. Gordon travelled and worked in a variety of settings while continuing to persue his calling in art. Being self taught he embraced the advice, guidance, and support of his mentors : Bill Lockhart (Art Teacher); John Bratby; L.S.Lowery and Marcel Marceau, to name but a few.


The Artist hails from a proud mining ancestry; with his father and forebears being steeped in all aspects of mining employment. His strong sense of identity, family, community, passions and emotions' are evidenced in his watercolours, ink drawings, pastels or oils. The observor cannot help but be provoked by his imagery. Over the decades Gordon's subject matter and style have varied depending upon his life experiences, his state of being and opportunities offered. Life for Gordon has not been dull.


Gordon's subject matter landscapes, seascapes, mining, and buildings, bring to life a bygone era. His provocative Auschwitz collection (not a saleable work) continues to be well received and some say his most powerful work to date. From his travels he has produced studies of street scenes, nightlife and cultural life in Amsterdam, Venice, Paris, Turkey, Greece, and Poland. Gordon's portraits of the Massi people, in ink drawings, show this proud and beautiful ethnic group to perfection.

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