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Auschwitz - The Visit


This series of paintings, pastels and drawings - some 500+ in total - was prompted by a chance visit to Auschwitz whilst visiting Poland in 1993.  The Artist, who has no religious affiliation, was extremely moved by his exposure to the concentration camp.  On his return home he found his mind flooded by disturbing imagery from this death camp.  For the next five years he devoted his life to putting on canvas his interpretation of the horrors to which those that were incarcerated were subjected to.    


This series is for exhibition purposes only with the artist strongly believing that profitable monies should not be made from the suffering of millions. Many believe it to be his most powerful work to date. It toured the UK in the late 1990's. Selected studies are exhibited on Holocaust Day and for a following period. Recently his great friend, Mr Ernest Levy O.B.E. (who opened the first exhibition of these works in the Rozelle House Gallery in May 1998), died, on August 23rd 2009. A commemorative display of the Auschwitz Works were put on show in Mr Ernest Levy’s memory. Ernest Levy, a prominent member of the Scottish Jewish Community and Scottish society at large was a survivor of 7 concentration camps. He was actively involved in the promotion of awareness and education particularily of the younger generation with regards to the atrocities carried out in the camps flamed by prejudice.  The recent exhibition from Aug 2009 - Feb 2010 has been extremely well received, with those viewing the works being deeply moved. This exhibition continues to raise awareness and educate the public - young and old - to the extremities of prejudice . It is hoped that the artist's Autchwitz studies will again tour in a larger format; ongoing talks with various councils and galleries are continuing. Ultimately the Artist would like these works exhibited in Israel. Their has been much enthusiasm and encouragement from the Jewish Community in Scotland. Hopefully this can become a reality. The only paintings not in this collection have been donated to Mr Ernest Levy and family, and to a group of Israeli musicians and outreach workers who have returned to their homeland with their prized paintings                                                                                                        

Auschwitz Collection

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