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Gordon has shown and sold his work privately since his adolescent years. One of his first experiences of exhibiting his work occured whilst staying with relatives in the Liverpool area from 1958-59. Alonside visual art, Gordon, too, was caught up in the music of that city. He met

the then young John Lennon and Stuart Sutcliffe at the now famous 'Cavern'. They too were exploring their creativity in visual art. A small quite derelict shop was rented and Gordon's work, alongside theirs, was exhibited. It was during this period he met the now rather infamous John Bratby.


Many artists have influenced and inspired Gordon; some he has been lucky enough to spend time with. Amongst those effecting his work are: Bratby, Grahame Sutherland, L.S Lowry, Marcel Marceau, Sheila Fell, Joan Eardley, early Scottish colourists, Josef Herman, Soutine, Picasso and Van Gogh.






Art: the process of creating and appreciating has always been central to my being. It is in many ways how I interpret the world and experiences; be it a person, place or emotion. I have pursued this passion throughout my life in a rather unconventional manner; often juggling my desire to create, alongside other responsibilities -never an easy option for myself or those caught up in this compulsion. It is my hope that my art can be acknowledged and viewed by as varied an audience as possible, hopefully provoking and stimulating the viewer to a stirring of emotions and discussion: Never, if possible, indifference. 

Gordon Cockburn