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The artists beloved “kerse hills”  and surrounding landscape in which he was immersed throughout his childhood and adolescent years has proved fruitfully inspiring in capturing the natural surroundings so familiar to himself and transferrring his interpretations on to canvas.  His landscape studies visually portray the changing seasons in all their splendour.  The vibrancy of colour and brushstrokes invites the viewer to almost smell the texture of his works.  Remaing within ayrshire has allowed the artist to revisit and contiue to explore these surroundings. He too has a selection of landscape studies predominately of the scottish countryside  that too can be viewed within the gallery.


With the abundance of spectacular coastal scenery merging the land, sea and sky on his doorstep it is no wonder that these elements have proved inspirational. The wonderful skies between dawn and dusk and the ever variable weather dictating sea conditions has allowed the artist to depict the many faces of the Ayrshire coastline. No one day or moment is the same, therefore each individual completed work is unique in capturing the very essence of that time. The artist continues to find inspiration in the natural forces and scenic beauty surrounding him and his original interpretations continue to the present day.