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The Artist's mining links go back many generations, with his father serving 52 years underground. The community in which he grew up was a proud, closeknit body of people. His studies of the miners themselves, the buildings and environment in which they worked, toiled and played are vividly portrayed. His own father had no wish for his son to follow in his footsteps below ground. To embrace this unique body of persons and capture the enviroment from which they worked the Artist did spend some time underground; this has allowed him to bring an informed realism to his work. Many of these works have been sold; however it is hoped that the remaining studies will be exhibited again, particularily in the Ayrshire area. These studies are truly historical and serve the purpose of reminding those who can remember and those of a younger generation the important social, economic and political role this workforce provided. It is sadly for the most part a bygone era.