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Gordon is now offering prints from his original works from £45 and art cards from his works at £5. 

Gordon has been busy in his usual fashion juggling his own works exhibited within the gallery alongside hosting and promoting the works of fellow artists in a variety of media. View the diary section this will be updated regularly informing all of the visiting artists, exhibitions and dates.

By Daryl Cockburn, Aug 26 2013 09:10PM

- Sept/Oct 2013 - Landscape/Seascape studies

- Nov/Dec 2013 - Christmas show/exhibition

- Mid Jan/Mar 2014 commemorative exhibition of a selection from the

Auschwitz Collection (upper gallery), "Amsterdam Nightlife" (lower gallery).

By Daryl Cockburn, Aug 26 2013 09:01PM

Ongoing discussion are taking place with various galleries nationally and internationally re the hosting of the Auschwitz collection.

By guest, Jan 28 2013 12:21PM

TOURING COLLECTIONS - Gordon will be exhibiting his Mining Series at the Midlothian Mining Museum, Midlothian, throughout June and July 2011. Other venues for this exhibition should be secured in the near future. The Auschwitz Collection will be touring Scotland.